Welcome to the Future of Pharma Logistics
“At Poseidon we are rethinking the pharma-logistics paradigm and our philosophy is one of not just trying to incrementally improve what we are doing now, but of coming together to do things differently"


The transportation of temperature-sensitive pharma products is big business. The global logistics market for pharmaceutic - als is currently valued at more than $75 billion with a growing proportion of this being temperature-controlled. Traditionally the highest value pharmaceutical products have tended to be shipped by air-freight on account of its speed, its flexibility and its (perceived) security and control. However in - creasing regulatory oversight and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic have exposed a number of inherent weaknesses in the air-cargo cold-chain, much as a result of its fragmented structure and absence of collaborative working. Poseidon is conceived as a pharma sea-freight program that, by harnessing and honing the collaborative skills that have been so successfully employed in other industry sectors, is bringing the industry’s most enlightened and forward-thinking organisations together to develop and implement a game- changing global pharma sea-freight service. The Poseidon program rests in the collective strength of its end-to-end supply chain structure built around managed stra - tegic partnerships, commercial alignment and a ‘one-team’ culture.
IMPORTANT NOTICE Feb 2023 The Poseidon programme has been discontinued. Its mission of championing best-practice ocean freight for pharmaceutical products has passed to the Good Distribution Practice Universal Compliance Initiative (GDP-UCI). See www.gdp-uci.org