Poseidon is organised on a triple-tier basis with day-to-day matters in the hands of a core ‘neutral party’ and strategic matters un - der the auspices of an elected ‘Poseidon Steering Committee’ (PSC). The PSC, in turn, is answerable to the Poseidon Management Group (PMG). on which all participants, phar - macos and supply partners, are democratic - ally represented.

Alan Kennedy

Executive Director Alan has the full-time role of overseeing the execution of the Poseidon agenda and of managing its day-to-day business. He is a Director of Team Poseidon Ltd, the neutral facilitation trustee.
POSEIDON PARTNERING AGREEMENT The Poseidon Partnering Agreement (PPA) containing the rules of engage - ment for Poseidon program partners. The PPA is an overarching 'umbrella' agreement that articulates the essential relational rules, principles and commitments that are necessary for the creation and maintenance of a strong, stable network; one that is fair, reliable, transparent, principled and trusting. It includes provisions, inter alia, for decision-making, communications, IP matters, dispute resolution, network composition & development etc.
COMPETITION COMPLIANCE Poseidon is an organisation that pro - motes best-practice at all times. It will not condone, facilitate, promote, tolerate or engage in activities that are in any way supportive of anti- trust or trade-restrictive practices. All Poseidon participants are subject to the competition provisions of the Poseidon Agreement and the Poseidon Competition Policy in com - pliance with the guidelines published by the UK OFT (OFT408), the UK Competition Act 1998, the relevant provi - sions of Articles 81 and 82 of the EC Treaty and of US anti- trust legislation.

Poseidon Partnering Agreement (PPA)

The entire Poseidon partnering network comes under the wings of a common Partnering Agreement which sets out how the team works together. However this is in addition to, not instead of, a standard service contract or commercial terms of contract. Rather it moves beyond transactional interactions and governs the key relational and cultural beha - viours amongst the various program stakeholders. By articulating the core Poseidon principles of equity, mutual benefit, trust and transparency within the context of the overall mission of the program, the Poseidon Partnering Agreement provides a framework that will allow the Network to collectively drive own total cost, enhance quality and improve service, while maintaining or increasing individual profitability. The Poseidon network shall work together and individually in the spirit of trust, fairness and mutual co-operation for the benefit of the program, within the scope of their agreed roles, expertise and responsibilities as stated in the Poseidon Partnering Agreement. The aim is to cultivate a ‘no-blame culture’ which assumes every party is using its best endeavours at all times to meet the network objectives. Any issues e.g. a temperature excursion, or a client complaint, are brought out into the open and resolved as a group to ensure they cannot re-occur.

Management of the Poseidon Program

Poseidon is a democratically-governed network of independent companies. Strategic direction of the program comes from a Poseidon Steering Committee (PSC) which works within a broader Poseidon Management Group (PMG). The res - ult of a network ballot process, the PSC is tasked with providing 'big picture' directional guidance, strategic insight and project overview to ensure the timely delivery of outputs in accordance with the Poseidon program's declared and fu - ture objectives. The PSC works in conjunction with a neutral trustee, Team Poseidon Ltd, to bring the necessary supply partners together as a consolidated group, to ensure regu - latory compliance and keep the program on track. The PMG, on the other hand, is a representative body of all participating network organisations with each corpor - ate member having 'equal status' and a single vote in strategic, network-wide decisions and other matters sof common interest. Each organisation must nomin - ate a senior representative to serve on the PMG.
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